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Intended Audience

This documentation is intended for users who have a software application containing built-in support for DataCite DOI minting services and who are wishing to configure the application to mint and manage DOIs through the ANDS DOI service.

The information in this document is supplementary to the Cite My Data Technical Documentation and assumes you have already read the following sections:


ANDS, as a registration agency with DataCite, runs several DOI services that enable research organisations to assign DOIs to research datasets, collections and grey literature. The services are free to use for publicly funded Australian research organisations and government agencies.

The ANDS DataCite Client API is an example of one of these DOI services. The API has been specifically developed by ANDS to allow 3rd party software with DOI minting capabilities, to be configured to mint DataCite DOIs through ANDS.

The ANDS DataCite Client API essentially acts as a proxy to the RESTful DataCite DOI API. Requests made to the ANDS DataCite Client API are captured and then passed on to DataCite to process. Apart from a change to the base endpoint URL your application interacts with the ANDS DataCite Client API as if it was interacting directly with the DataCite API.

API Technical Details

The ANDS DataCite Client API supports all resources offered by the DataCite API except the /media resource. All resource methods, request parameters and responses are those offered by the DataCite API. To avoid duplicating information please refer to the DataCIte API v2 documentation for more detail.

Base Endpoint URL

In order to mint DOIs via the ANDS DataCite Client API your application will need to be configured with the following base endpoint:

Username and Password

After ANDS has set up your DOI account you will be issued with a unique App Id (Application Identifier) and Shared Secret. These values will need to be configured as the username and password in your application, respectively.

Generating Unique DOIs

The DOIs your application generates must be unique and shall be made up of a DOI prefix and a DOI suffix separated by a forward slash.

DOI Prefix

The DOI Prefix to configure in your application will be the prefix allocated to you by ANDS after account registration.

E.g. DOI prefix = 10.4226

DOI Suffixes

The DOI suffix shall consist of a character string of any length.

While not mandatory, ANDS highly recommends that the suffixes used in your DOIs are an opaque string. This recommendation follows the guidelines set out in the Numbering section in the DOI Handbook.


If you are experiencing any issues with the service or have questions/comments, please email

A JIRA ticket will automatically be raised for your request and you will receive an email from the JIRA system with a link to the ticket. Opening the link to the ticket allows you to track and update the issue. You will also receive emails from the system whenever the ticket is updated.

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