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The Australian Research Data Centre provides Online Services technical assistance via the Service Desk.


Supported Services:


Online Services

Service Access


1Research Data Australia (RDA)Production and Demo
2RDA RegistryProduction and Demo
3DOI ServiceDOI Service (Production and Test)DOI Service
4Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA) portalProduction and DemoRVA portal
5RVA editorPoolParty Creating a Vocabulary
6Handle ServiceProduction and TestHandle Service
7IGSN ServiceAuscope IGSNIGSN Service

Online Assistance

Emailing Service Desk 

  • Simply send an email to service  ( 
  • A JIRA issue will be automatically created for any new issue (new subject) sent to Service Desk.  You will receive a notification with your JIRA issue reference number.  You use this reference number to provide update, request for assistance or support.
  • A JIRA account will be created for users who sent an email to the Service Desk for the first time.  An email with the link to reset your password will automatically be sent to you.  By default, your email address is your JIRA login name. 

    ARDC staff are issued with standard user accounts for JIRA.

Logging in to JIRA

  • If you have a JIRA account, please login to
  • To create an issue, click the  button on top of the screen.
  • Fill out the form with relevant information regarding your issue, feedback, enquiry, request, etc. Be as descriptive as you can be. Use the 'Attachment' field to attach a document.
  • Click the  when done.