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  The  ARDC DOI (formerly Cite My Data) service is available as:

  • Machine to Machine (M2M) service - it is a set of RESTful (Representational State Transfer) web services that allow registered clients to mint, update & retrieve ARDC Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) that identify research data and grey literature. By embedding the service within data management workflows, clients are able to treat datasets as citeable unique objects in the same way as DOI identified publications.
  • Manual minting service - a service available via My DOIs user interface. This interface not only allows you to manually mint new DOIs and update DOI metadata, it also allows  users to to view a listing of all the DOIs you have minted through the ARDC DOI service and check for broken DOI links.

The service ensures that a standard level of metadata is always associated with ARDC DOIs through the use of a mandatory metadata schema, while also allowing clients to further enrich descriptions through the use of non-mandatory metadata schema elements.

Service Scope

Resource types in scope:

  • Research datasets and collections, associated workflows, software and models 
  • Grey literature such as theses, reports, unpublished conference papers, newsletters, creative works, preprint journal articles, technical standards and specifications for which the institutional repository is the primary publication point 

Resource types out of scope:

  • Published peer reviewed journal articles, ephemera, teaching and learning materials and book chapters