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DOIs can be minted in 2 ways. Either through the ARDC DOI (Cite My Data) M2M service or manually via the My DOIs interface in the ARDC Registry. The M2M service will be covered in this section. Please refer to the My DOIs - DOI Query Tool section for details on manual minting.
The ARDC DOI M2M service is implemented as a set of secure PHP RESTful web services backed by a Postgres database. Clients are required to register with ARDC before access to the administrative services is granted (see How Do I Get Access?) . Once registered, clients can programmatically call the Cite My Data M2M Service to mint and manage DOIs (see section 3.10 Service Points). All connections with the service should be made via Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

When minting a DOI, the Cite My Data M2M service requires that metadata about the data being identified is included in an XML document that conforms to the DataCite Metadata Schema (See section 3.8 DataCite Metadata Schema). Clients are not required to pass through identifiers when minting DOIs as these are generated by the Cite My Data service.

DataCite schema mandatory elements

As of version 4.0 of the DataCite Metadata Schema, the mandatory set of information that needs to be passed through to mint a DOI is:

  • URL - The URL for the landing page of the dataset. (Passed as a parameter and not part of the XML metadata)
  • Title - A name or title by which a resource is known.
  • Creators - The main researchers involved in producing the data, or the authors of the publication, in priority order.
  • Publisher - The holder of the data (including archives as appropriate) or institution that submitted the work.
  • Publication Year - The year when the data was or will be made publicly available.
  • ResourceType (with mandatory general type description sub property) - A description of the resource.

Organisations, including those already using Cite My Data service to assign DOIs to datasets, will be required to provide the 'resourceType' metadata element when minting DOIs for grey literature with Schema versions earlier than 4.0 (e.g. v3.1).

An XML example of DataCite metadata can be found in  the DataCite Schema XML Example section of this document.

Once a DOI has been minted the ARDC DOI  Service will give public access to the XML metadata associated with the DOI via a publicly accessible service point.

ARDC does not update the information stored with DOIs which have been minted using the ARDC DOI service. This is the responsibility of the client that minted the DOI.