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Each organisation registered as DOI client or data centre is responsible for the management of DOIs minted under the ARDC DOI service. This responsibility is set out in the agreement signed between ARDC (formerly ANDS) and the client or data centre. By accepting this responsibility, the client or the data centre essentially becomes the owner of the DOI. 

When the DOI management responsibility is transferred to another entity,  ownership is consequently changed.  Transfer of DOI ownership can happen between:

  • two ARDC clients or data centres
  • two allocators - ARDC and another allocator (e.g. ARDC and Figshare)

How to transfer ownership of a DOI: 

  1. ARDC client or data centre (transferor) notifies ARDC of the intent to transfer ownership of one or more or all DOIs they have minted through the ARDC DOI Service. Notification is done by sending an email to with the following information:
    1. list of DOIs to transfer (if all DOIs are being transferred there is no need to list them)
    2. new DOI owner (transferee)
    3. reason for transfer
    4. proof of agreement between the transferor and the transferee in a form of email, formal document, etc. (if not available, ARDC Services can ask the assistance of the Outreach Officers to arrange this document) 
  2. ARDC Services will notify the Outreach Officers for both parties for information and assistance, as required and also confirm that required information is complete.

  3. ARDC Services will then check if the new owner has a DOI Service Account.
    1. If the new owner is not an existing ARDC DOI client, contact the new owner and the outreach officer and follow the process for DOI Client Registration.
  4. When both the transferor and the transferee are registered, ARDC Services will: 

    1. Update the new owner’s account with any new top level domain(s)

    2. Perform or authorise the transfer.

    3. Confirm the reassignment of responsibilities with both parties.

  5. If the resource associated with the DOI is also moving location, request the new owner to ensure that the URL (and Publisher, as appropriate) in the DataCite metadata is also updated.

After the transfer of DOI ownership:

  • ARDC Services: Run the broken link tool against both data centres to ensure that all links work. 
  • Data Centres/Clients: Both data centres to test if their lists of  DOIs under My DOIs have been updated and report to any issue. 

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