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11 October 2017

Release 25 of ANDS Online Services is scheduled for implementation on 11 October 2017 from 8:00am to 12:00pm ADST. This release implements a number of Research Data Australia, Research Vocabularies Australia and ANDS Registry bug fixes and enhancement requests received through the ANDS Service Desk.

Research Data Australia

  • Correct the display title for party records with both 'superior' and 'subordinate' primary name parts
  • Update the Temporal search filter behaviour to be inclusive
  • Remove unnecessary javascript causing unexpected scroll behaviour
  • Fix issue where access points for collections are being duplicated under the Go To Data Provider button on the view page
  • Ensure RDA URLs with only the ID are resolved to the full URL

Research Vocabularies Australia

  • Correctly display related entity URLs and identifiers in the related entity preview popout on the vocabulary view page
  • Clean-up of existing Sesame repository on re-import of a vocabulary version

ANDS Registry

  • Display a user-friendly version of the development changelog on the Online Services Homepage

During the implementation the following services are impacted:

Affected services
  • Research Data Australia (RDA)
  • RDA Registry
  • Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA) portal

Unaffected services

  • ANDS DOI service
  • RVA editor (PoolParty)
  • ANDS Handle service

A soft release on Demo is happening on 10 October. The following services will be intermittently unavailable during the day:

  • Demo RDA
  • Demo RVA

A separate email with the list of impact and requirements for each change will be sent out before the release. For any comments or questions, please email Thank you.