6 August 2010 

In November 2010, minor enhancements will be made to RIF-CS Schema v1.0.1.

The updated RIF-CS v1.2.0

The changes are a response to the experiences of early contributors to the Australian Research Data Commons during 2009, and have been designed to minimise the workload impact on data providers. An extended changeover period (until June 2011) will apply for harvested metadata.

What are the changes?

Element and attribute changes 

Vocabulary changes

Transitional arrangements

Harvested records

From November 2010 until June 2011, ANDS will accept harvests of records using either schema version. After June 2011 only RIF-CS v1.2.0 will be accepted.

During the transitional period, incoming harvests will be transformed as they enter the ANDS Collections Registry, so that information displays correctly in Research Data Australia.

Manually entered records

Manual data entry from April 2011 will support only RIF-CS v1.2.0. ANDS will migrate production records entered through the Register My Data and Publish My Data online interfaces to the new schema version.

Sandbox environment

The Sandbox environment mirrors the Production environment, and therefore will also support only RIF-CS v1.2.0 from April 2011 for data entry, although they will continue to support harvesting of RIF-CS v1.0.1 records until June 2011. After June 2011, RIF-CS v1.0.1 records will no longer be accepted in any environment.

Future changes to RIF-CS

ANDS has established a RIF-CS Advisory Board that will help to determine future schema changes. More information


In the first instance, please ask your ANDS contact for assistance.
To find out more about the transformations that will be applied to manually entered records, please email services@ands.org.au.